ESTABLISHED: 1969


The main aim of the Faculty of Commerce is to offer superior quality, affordable &    professional education with view to build graduates & postgraduates with high ethical & leadership qualities. In a competitive environment in general graduates are expected to be competitive with wide range of knowledge, skill & attribute Therefore, Faculty of Commerce intends to enlighten undergraduates to be in right endeavour by developing their distinct competencies with human values & professionalism which led them to be successful, globally employable & entrepreneurial graduates in the dynamic environment

  • Vision

Provide Conducive environment for quality education in Commerce, Entrepreneurship and research through innovative and healthy Practices with commitment.Inculcate ethical and moral values by offering a support system which is friendly and inspiring the future nation builders.

  • Values

Commerce Education has a prominent role at higher secondary level because it protects certain values. The valuable services it can render to the individual as well as the society form the basis for the education value

Programmes offered


Programme Name









Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
  • Class room teaching
  • Power point presentations
  • Class room Seminars
  • Group Discussions
  • Quiz programmers
  • Guest lecturers
  • Study projects
  • Virtual classes by Peer Lecturers
  • On - line classes through You-tube
  • Digital classes

Details of Infrastructural Facilities
  • Departmental  Library  consists of 500  Books (Reference Books)
  • ICT facility: 01 LCD projector
  • Computer Labs – 1 Lab

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans
  • Strengths

  1. Well experienced, permanent, qualified, competent and dedicated faculty members.
  2. Good infrastructure facilities
  3. Faculty contributing in design development and implementation of curriculum in Board of Studies of an Affiliating University.
  4. Effective use of Black board  teaching learning process.
  5. Student centric functioning with mentoring, counselling through teachers and Effective academic monitoring.
  6. Willingness of the faculty to take any administrative work
  7. Safe and Secured Environment for girl student
  • Weaknesses

  1. Less Industry – Institute interaction.
  2. Moderate Placement ratio.
  3. Institute lacks in revenue generation.
  4. Less student pursuing higher education.
  5. Involvement of Alumni at Institute level is less.
  • Opportunities

  1. Staff members are provided opportunities to participate in seminars/workshops/ conferences/refresher courses/ orientation courses.
  2. To arrange more number of FDPs /STTPS/ National Level /International Level conferences.
  3. Opportunity in the promotion of sports/cultural events.
  4. To arrange specialized Training programs by the faculty.
  5. Opportunity for sensitizing students in entrepreneurship.
  6. Scope for interdisciplinary and sponsored projects
  7. Scope for improvement of digital literacy amongst women.

  • Challenges

  1. Strengthen Industry-Institute Interaction.
  2. More placements in core companies.
  3. Encouraging students for competitive examinations and higher studies.
  4. Networking and strengthening relationship with stakeholders.
  5. More focus on Industrial training for faculty and students.
  6. Girl students with varied socio- economic background
  • Future Plans

  1. To start multi disciplinary  job oriented courses
  2. To make collaboration of the department with the commerce departments in various universities through virtual classrooms.
  3. To motivate students for participation in skill development programs