ESTABLISHED: 1969

  • The strength of the Department has always been the selfless dedication and hard work of the faculty members, who strive each year to improve the pass percentage of the students. Department to aim develop brilliant graduates, conduct in-depth research, be academically ambitious and fulfil the national standard. We are dedicated to developing understandings of institutions, practices and relations that constitute public life and modes of inquiry that promote citizenship.


  • Building a solid foundation in basic academic knowledge for the students is our prime vision with a strong emphasis on practical aspects of the knowledge for the benefit of our society. We continually encourage and help students to actively participate and get engage in different other areas like cultural and social activities too.


To impart moral and ethical values and Tourism and Historical understanding and Personal skills among the students.


Programmes offered


Programme Name








Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning
  • Class room teaching
  • Power point presentations
  • Class room Seminars
  • Group Discussions
  •  Quiz programmes
  • Guest lecturers by Eminent Experts
Details of Infrastructural Facilities
  • Separate Department Room
SWOC analysis of the Department and Future plans:

  • Efficient & Experienced  Faculty with   Good Skills
  • Consistent good pass percentage.
  • Department has teaching students advances syllabus.
  • Guidance to the student about Indian Society & Culture.
  • Department has good academic culture
  • Group Discussions, Debates
  • Lecturers on contemporary issues
  • Development awareness about the Tourism guidance and Historical monuments.
  • Encourage the habit of Map pointing, Numismatics.
  • To develop the Co-operative Learning.

  • The socio-economic background of many of the students
  • Most of the students are from deprived background region.
  • Poor communication skills in English.
  • Most of the students are hostellers
  • They have economically poor and negative attitude to the get admission to self-financed course or career oriented Courses.
  • Departmental computer facility
  • Departmental Library facility


  • Improving enrolment
  • To organize group discussion on issues social national and international level.
  • Exploring the starting of new Job-oriented courses
  • Improving the infrastructure for students
  • Competitive exam guidance
  • Questions bank, Newspaper clips.

  • Sustaining quality along with access
  • More placements
  • Generation of resources  for research facilities in the department
  • Climbing Mountains like The Mount Everest etc.
  • Olympic Events and Sports & Games.
Future Plans

  • To start multidisciplinary job oriented courses
  • To make more placement opportunities.
  • To create awareness among the people about by The Constitution of India.
  • To create the Awareness about the ‘Right to Information Act’.
  • To enable the people to perform their duty of the Rights of vote.
  • Tourism Local, A.P., National and International.
  • Visit Historical places, Zoological Parks, Botanical  Gardens,

Waterfalls, Resorts, Dams & Reservoirs etc.

  • To develop the patriotism.
  • To create awareness about the Tourism & Museum places in A.P. and India.
  • To develop Archaeological sources, Geographical Investigation.