Code of Conduct

S.G.S ARTS COLLEGE, TIRUCHANOOR ROAD, TIRUPATHI, running under the surveillance of the esteemed management TIRUMALA TIRUPATI DEVASTHANAMS. The institution has a prescribed code of conduct for principal, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students. Ample number of programs are conducted in this regard.

The code of conduct comprises

  1. Monitoring committee members.
  2. Minutes of the meetings
  3. Number of programmes organised

Code of conduct for the head of the institution/principal

  1. Principal is the supreme authority of the institution exhibiting effectiveleadership in all academic and administrative activities of the college.
  2. He should maintain the magnificent coordination among teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students for smooth functioning of the college.
  3. Need to guide all stakeholders in fulfilling their responsibilities.
  4. To adapt new technology and methods for effective teaching learning process and acquaint the students to the recent approaches of the world.
  5. Observance and implementation of directives issued by government/UGC/Director of Education/Higher Education University and other concerned authorities.
  6. Periodic assessment of teaching diary/ Lesson plan/ plan of action and action taken reports of the teaching staff/ head/Co-ordinators.
  7. Maintaining college rules and regulations and their implementation without any discrepancy.
  8.  Assessing the academic syllabus of the students and monitoring the coverage of syllabus within stipulated timeand conducting examinations according to the annual circular plan.
  9. Frequent visits during working hours and sudden visits to the hostel to streamline students with utmost care and responsibility.
  10. Conduction of regular meetings with the teaching and non-teaching staff to meet the needs of the college work and document.
  11. He should assign teachers mentorship,to guide students in their overall progress.
  12. The principal has to inform the staff members to organize co-curricular activities and record.
  13. Meetings regarding alumni association/NAAC accreditation/ national festivals/ academic audit is to be conducted and recorded.
  14. Resolutions are to be made for the grievancesrelevant to examination redressal cell anti-ragging cell, women harassment, SC/ST atrocity, etc.
  15. He should encourage teaching and non-teaching staff for their professional development.
  16. To provide platform to the students of the college by giving them many opportunities to show their excellence.
  17. To motivate the teaching staff to inculcate social cultural national and human values among the students through education for their overall uplift.

Code of conduct for the teaching staff:

“A good teacher is like a candle-It consumes itself to light the way for others"

The above quote stands as the code of conduct for the teachers of SGS Arts College.TTD Management has been guiding, suggesting, approving and resolving many rules for the teachers working in the institution.

  1. All the faculty should discharge his/ her duties efficiently and diligently to match with the academic standards and performance norms laid down by the UGC/university/ college/management from time to time.
  2. Faculty has to upgrade their professional knowledge and skills for the proper discharge of duties assigned to him/her.
  3. Every teacher should apply their knowledge and experience for the overall development of the students of the college.
  4. Teacher should assist the college/university examination valuation works, moderation etc.
  5. The teacher should be sincere, dedicated and academically focused
  6. The teacher should not indulge in any organised anti institutional activity one shall not promote,abet, assist or motivate any groupism or unhealthy activity.
  7. The teacher should adopt the teaching learning process by preparing subject wise and semester wise individual teaching plan at the beginning of the session and perform accordingly.
  8. Every teacher must segregate the students based on their assignment practices as slow, average and advanced learners and strive adequately for overall development of the students.
  9. The teacher should set themselves as role models in maintaining punctuality, discipline and etiquette, besides their dedicated class work.
  10. The teacher should not continue his/her activities to the classroom teaching but participate himself/herself in all the efforts of the College in giving excellent inputs to the students so as to make the students not only academically brilliant but also a good citizen to the society.

Code of conduct for non-teaching staff:

  1. All the non-teaching staff of the college shell discharge their duties efficiently and diligently to match with the administrative standards and performance norms laid down by the UGC/university/college/Management from time to time.
  2. They should upgrade their professional knowledge and skill to meet the needs of the institution.
  3. Must attend the duty punctually every day.
  4. They should contribute to carrying out functions relating to the administrative responsibilities of the college such as administrative work, advising and counselling of students as well as assisting the contact of university and college examinations, which includes all types of examination works.
  5. To support and guide the students in any kind of their need in college regarding exams, scholarships etc.
  6. To show good etiquette to everyone in the college.
  7. Not to show any partiality with students regarding their religion, cast, political, economic, social and physical characteristics.
  8. To cooperate in the formulation of policies of the institution by accepting various officers and discharging their duties to the requirement.
  9. To cooperate personally to the policies of the institution, which have been made by the higher authorities of the institution
  10. Any employee should not indulge in any organised anti institutional activity and shall not promote, abet, assist or motivate any groupism or unhealthy activity.


  • As per the University rules, the students having the attendance below 75 % will not be permitted to appear for the university examinations.
  • Students should not miss the classes while in college and should not leave the college campus during the college ours without prior permission of the principal/HOD.
  • Every student should have Identity Card and wear in prominently visible way in the campus.
  • All students should be properly and neatly dressed with prescribed uniform on all working days except Friday. On Friday color dresses other than T-Shirts and Jeans are permitted to wear.
  • Students are not permitted to organize any kind of programme or forming associations /Organizations without the prior permission of the principal.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking, Gutkha chewing is strictly prohibited. Offenders should be liable to face legal action.
  • Students should not four or offensive language.
  • Students will not litter inside the campus.
  • Strict action is taken against the students who are found using narcotic substances and miss behavior in the campus.
  • Bullying, aggression or violence in any form of miss conduct shall be viewed seriously.         
  • Our College introduced Dress Code to all the Students of B.A., B.Sc., & B.Com from the Academic year 2007-08.

               Boys: Navy Blue Colored Pant, Sky blue Colored Shirt.

 Girls: Sky Blue Colored Bottoms, Sky Blue Color Top Navy Blue Colored Chunni.

  • Students should not take part in public demonstrations, political agitations or strikes.
  • The Principal on the recommendations of the Discipline Committee can inflict the following punishments :

o   Fine

o   Cancellation of attendance, Scholarship and Fee concessions.

o   Withholding of Transfer, progress and conduct certificates.

o   Suspension or expulsion or dismissal from the College.

  • If a student engages him in any activity which affects the moral and discipline of the college or interferes with the corporate life of the college, the Principal may suspend or expel him and refuse to issue him any Certificate.
  • Students are not allowed to address any authority as a bodysuch action is subversive of good order.
  • Every student must carry his Hall Ticket and Identity Card at the time of appearing for the University Examination.
  • Every student shall wear clean and suitable clothing.
  • When the teacher enters the class room, the students shall rise and remain standing till they are asked to sit, or till the teacher takes his seat.
  • No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the teacher.
  • With regard to all matters not specified in the foregoing rules, students shall conduct themselves in such a manner worthy of the best traditions of Indian life and Culture.
  • Student's lodging and mess will be inspected by members of the College staff periodically.