Sri Govindaraja Swamy Arts College popularly known as S.G.S Arts College is an institution of higher education affiliated to S.V University Tirupati maintained by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams where an individual sharpens the intellect with the blessings of Lord Venkateswara.  It is a universal fact that Library is the heart of every educational institute.  It Supports process of college education through providing required reading materials both Print & Electronic to the users and opens the doors to the wide world of books which encourages reading for gain of knowledge and pleasure. 

             Library in SGS Arts College has a long history of 75 Years in parallel with the history of the college which was established on 25th July 1956. The collections of total books are 50885 including Text and reference Books, spiritual books, literature as well as general books.The college library consists of spacious Reading Room for students and staff separately.  The clientele of library includes all the students on roll, of Under Graduate and Post Graduate, teaching faculty, non-teaching staff. Photo copying facility is available in the library. Librarian with the approval of Library committee can constitute rules and make necessary arrangements from time to time depending on the requirements of the students.

The List of available reading material is

1. Journals - 04

2. Competitive and General Magazines -14

3. Newspapers-08

Library maintains old question papers, Newspaper clippings, display board for career opportunities.  Essay writing competitions, and book exhibitions are being conducted every year in the premises of college library to encourage the readers. 

  • Name of ILMS software – ECAP Library Software
  • Nature of automation – in Progress
  • Version – 5.1
  • Year of Automation - 2021.

             The Library has an advisory committee under the control of Convener Sri E.Vijaya Bhaskar, HOD of Economics and 12 other Lecturers as members. The committee meets regularly and discusses the issues related with regard to facilities, and services, and gives suitable suggestions for procurement of books and other relevant materials for better functioning of the library. The library automation, computers and printers, Internet facility, e-learning resources, information display and notification, Photo Copier facility etc., are the significant facilities contributing for the user-friendly environment. Separate Reading room for students to refer to dailies and journals is available.